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Scientific Reasons for Open Science
Jelte M. Wicherts – Tilburg University
While an increasing number of neuroscientists value and practice open science, there is continuing debate in the field on the pros and cons of open sciences practices such as data sharing, open access publishing, and preregistration. In this talk, I will discuss some key classic and recent scientific insights drawn from psychology, statistics, methodology, and meta-science in favor of opening up the neurosciences. By focusing on important meta-research findings, I hope to convince the audience on how transparent and rigorous analyses, data sharing, open access, open peer review, collaboration, and preregistration could render neuroscience more trustworthy and efficient.

Open science from the perspective of Reviewer #2
Marijn van Vliet - Aalto University
A few years ago, I decided I will only agree to review a methods paper if the authors are willing to share their code. If the code is missing from the initial submission, I will ask the authors for it. In almost all cases, they were happy to comply. In this talk, I will share what I have learned from reviewing other people's data and code: what they chose to share, how they shared it, and what made my life as a reviewer easy and what made my life hard. From this, I'll draw up a practical roadmap of how to share your data and code effectively.

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